Companies know that to attract top candidates they need to offer top perks. New employees don’t only want job stability and a good salary, they want more from their employers. So, what are the most successful companies doing to offer additional benefits to their team and encourage employee loyalty and productivity? Here are five job perks successful companies have offered to keep their employees engaged.

Kindles and eBook Budgets

Here’s a novel idea! Reading is one of the foundations of knowledge and a well-read workforce is an innovative workforce. Some companies are providing each of their employees with a Kindle and a monthly budget for eBooks as perks. There are no requirements on the kinds of books the employees read, as long as they are reading.

Sabbatical Time

If you ask any employee the thing they want most is additional time off. Some companies are taking this to the next level and not just providing extra vacation or personal time, but establishing required sabbatical time every few years. For example, a company may require their employees take one full month off at a time every three or five years. This is generally staggered so the company doesn’t have workforce gaps.

Child Care Services

Another challenge many people have is the cost of daycare while they’re working. So many couples can’t afford to have a single income, but childcare is so expensive that the trade-off becomes complicated. Some notable companies are offering compensation for child care and many even have onsite child care available as company perks.

Pet Insurance

Of course, don’t forget about the pet parents. Some employees today are choosing not to have kids and have pampered pets instead. Even for families with children and pets, their companion animals are as important as their own children. Companies are offering pet insurance along with the typical healthcare benefits packages.

Gym Memberships

Along with the focus on work-life balance, many companies find personal health is an important value to their business and for each of their employees. But some professionals are concerned they don’t have the time to hit the gym each day. Companies are offering in-office gyms or, if they can’t do that, providing memberships and flexible schedules to allow for prioritizing physical health as company perks.

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