Attracting top talent is the primary mission of your company and your HR department. You need the best employees with the best fit for your business, so where do you find talent? And once you have strong employees on board, you need to focus on keeping them engaged and happy on the job. So how can you both find talent and retain those top employees in your community? Here are some tips that can help you create a plan to find talent and execute on it.

Be Transparent

Today’s employees, especially those in the millennial generation, want to be kept in the loop with important business information. Companies are realizing that transparency is a huge selling point for new talented workers. You don’t have to publish all of your office information publically, but be open with candidates and with your team.

Provide Career Development

New employees also want to know that they have growth opportunities. No one, especially workers in the younger generation, feels comfortable with the idea of remaining in the same position forever. Provide opportunities to learn new things and apply those skills. This will attract talent who want to advance their careers and keep employees engaged.

Hire for Core Values

Ultimately, you need to make a hiring decision that is based on what’s best for the company. While you want diverse ways of thinking in your organization, you also need to be aware that some personality traits simply won’t be happy or comfortable in certain environments. Your core values and mission statement communicate this to candidates, so hire people who are excited about working for you specifically, not just getting a job.

Motivate and Engage

Throughout their careers, your employees should feel they are valued and their contribution matters. To do this, provide positive reinforcement and motivation. Engage them with new ideas, projects, and more. Provide incentives, rewards, and recognition. At the very least, be sure to say “Thank you.” Gratitude is contagious and if you develop a culture of gratitude, it will be noticed throughout your organization.

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