Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in the conversations hiring managers have after your interview? The waiting game would be a lot less painful if we just knew what it was that managers said about us after we left the room. So, what are managers saying behind closed doors? Here is a little bit of insight into the kinds of conversations hiring managers have about candidates.

Good But Not Great

This is a common response to an interview. A hiring manager is often looking for perfection but they don’t really know what perfection means. Sometimes the phrase comes out as “I’ll know it when I see it,” which can be detrimental to the hiring process.

We Need More Experience

They often interpret the negative aspects of a candidate interview as a lack of experience. While this may or may not always be the case, if the hiring manager doesn’t believe that the experience is at the right level, they won’t move forward.

I Didn’t Get a Sense for That

There may have been something that confused them about an answer you gave or something you asked. If they don’t get a feel for a certain aspect of the job they may dismiss the candidate outright.

Their Communication Skills

A major discussion, beyond the experience, will be your overall communication skills, either good or bad. They will want to know that you are able to effectively communicate in person, over the phone, and in writing.

Their Interpersonal Skills

They also want to get a sense of the candidate’s interpersonal skills. This is how you relate to someone whether you’ve known them for a long time or you have just met. How is your handshake, your eye contact, or your body language?

They Don’t Seem to “Get It”

If there is any level of doubt about a candidate, the hiring manager will not speak favorably. There is an expectation that you should research the company and the job ahead of the interview. So if they feel you just don’t get it, you won’t be considered.

Let’s Move Forward

The ultimate ideal statement from a hiring manager will be “let’s move forward.” If they are impressed with the overall interview, your skills, your experience, and your ability to communicate, they will want to make you an offer.

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