What is the most important investment your company will make? If you said your employees, you’re absolutely right. More than any other equipment or strategy, hiring the best employees and keeping them happy and engaged will increase your bottom line and provide quality services or goods to your customers and clients.

So, how do you maintain a good experience for your team? Here are five tips to create a better, more satisfying employee experience.

Engagement Versus Happiness

Did you know there’s a difference between engagement and happiness? Being happy on the job is important, of course, but it doesn’t necessarily mean your employees will be engaged. What you want to encourage is an environment where your team wants to come in to work each day. Where they feel that their contribution matters to the grand scheme of things. That will lead to happiness, as well.

Understanding Customer Experience

It’s also important to note that your frontline employees, especially customer service representatives, may have more knowledge about the overall customer experience than c-level executives. It’s imperative companies make their experience a priority, not only for their own engagement, but also for the satisfaction of customers.

Listening to Employees

When your team has concerns or ideas, it’s important to listen to what they have to say. It can be easy for management to dismiss some concerns because they’re not experiencing the same things day to day as their employees. Practice active listening and create an environment where your team feels empowered to share their thoughts and ideas.

Encourage Proactive Participation

In fact, you can take this to the next level by giving your employees some autonomy to participate proactively in the give and take with customers. If you allow your employees some decision-making power, they will be more engaged and interested in making good decisions based on what’s best for the company.

Rewarding Your Employees

It’s also important to recognize your team for their hard work. Just establishing a culture of gratitude can be helpful. Be sure to tell your team you appreciate their contribution. But you should also create an incentive program and a recognition program to help people realize they are valued by your organization.

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