One of your most important jobs as a manager is to make sure you have the right talent available when you need it. There are a lot of things that conspire against hiring managers when it comes to bringing on top performers. We can look at the employment gap and the gig economy and a variety of other factors, but the most important first step is to review your own internal recruitment plan.

If you don’t have a recruitment plan in place, here are several tips to get you started.

Consider Employee Potential

Before you decide how you’re going to hire new employees in the coming year, consider how you will utilize your current team. Advancement is an important goal for many of your employees, so look at their potential and determine how they can best work within your company in the future. It’s easier to hire more entry level positions than train an experienced person into your corporate culture.

Focus on Onboarding and Continual Training

When you do hire a new employee, how do you make sure they feel comfortable on the job from the start. Onboarding is a process that goes beyond simply training. You want to be sure to provide support to new employees when it comes to feeling at home and valued. And then continue supporting their career with training.

What Is Your Employee Value Proposition?

What do you have to offer to new employees to make them want to work for you, rather than your competition? Part of your recruiting plan should be taking a closer look at your benefits and additional perks that will attract top candidates to your door. Some companies are specifically looking at ways to improve work-life balance.

Partner With a Staffing Professional

Finally, you may want to consider partnering with a staffing agency to ensure you don’t have gaps in your workforce in the coming year. By building a relationship with a recruiter ahead of any staffing needs, you will be in a good position to fill open opportunities when they arise throughout the year.

Do you have a recruitment plan in place for 2019? Contact Harvard Resource Solutions, Staffing Agencies in Troy MI, to see how we can help.