You probably think the end of the year is not a great time to be job hunting. Sure, some companies do put a stop to hiring practices as they work out their 2019 budgets. But that isn’t always the case. And when a company has a need in December, that need is usually immediate and necessary.

You can not only give yourself the gift of a new career in the last month of the year, but also help a company looking for a solution to their problem. How do you find a new job as the year wanes? Use these tips.

Fewer People Are Looking

Most people believe the job market slows down in December. That companies aren’t willing to do their hiring this time of year because business is slow or their budgets have been spent. If anything, people begin to look toward short-term seasonal jobs in December to get through to the first of the year. But this leaves the market wide open for those willing to look for work in their field.

Get Out and Get Networking

December is also a great month for networking. Organizations may have their holiday parties, so look for gatherings in your specific industry. You never know who you can meet. But don’t stop with industry events. When you’re at any holiday gathering, talk to the people around you about your job search to broaden your network.

Don’t Stop Searching

Whatever you do, don’t stop searching in December just because it’s the holiday season. While everyone else is gathering at tree lightings or visiting local holiday attractions, you can get ahead by being in the right place at the right time. Continue to send out resumes to open positions, talk with a recruiter, and get out into the community.

Work With Recruiters

Another way to give yourself a leg up at the end of the year is to partner with a recruiter. Because the job market stalls a little in December, companies looking for new employees may be more likely to contact a staffing agency to find top talent in a holiday season that can be stressful or even busy.

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