No one likes year-end reviews. Not your employees and not the managers who have to provide them. But that doesn’t mean they should be ignored or that they can’t be useful for your company.

A year-end review can give you and your team a chance to take a look back and create a plan for the future. And don’t forget that your interactions with your employees are another chance to encourage loyalty and satisfaction. In fact, a reimagining of the year-end review can allow you a chance to turn your employees into brand ambassadors.

Determine If They Are Disengaged

The best measure to determining employee satisfaction is to simply ask. They may not be willing to be completely honest, but you can gather a lot even from their body language. If they are slacking off, unable to focus, or missing work, you can be pretty certain they’re feeling disengaged from the company and their jobs.

Improve Communication

Step one to improving the situation overall is to foster better communication. You want your employees to talk to one another, to you, and to customers is a healthier way. An open and honest year-end review session can be the start of this better communication process.

Encourage Trust

Out of improved communications comes trust. You want to build an environment where your team trusts you. This means you have to do what you say, reward good work, and support your team in their overall development.

Make a Plan for a Positive Work Environment

To turn your employees into brand ambassadors, you have to do more than just expect them to remain loyal. You need to prove your loyalty to your team, as well. To do this, take another look at your work environment. Have you created a place where your employees want to come to work each day?

Reinforce Recognition

Lastly, to improve your employee satisfaction and encourage them to speak highly of working and doing business with your company, you need to recognize their achievements. A culture of gratitude goes a long way to showing your appreciation for those who make your business succeed.

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