The holiday season is all about family, celebration, food and even gift giving. But what did your team not get this season that could make their next year shine? Not every thoughtful holiday gift has to be wrapped up in festive paper and topped with a shiny bow. There are many things that can help your employees produce their best work in your workplace.

Here are some gifts your team is really craving:

More Manager Availability

Your team wants to know that you’re available when they need you. This can certainly mean when they have problems or concerns they need to discuss with you. But it can also be when they have ideas that could make processes better in your department. In any case, make sure that you’re focused on availability for your staff when they need you most.

Regular Feedback

Another major employee complaint is that they only hear from management when there is a major issue with their performance. Instead, commit to providing feedback regularly. This not only covers items that need to be addressed and improved but also positive commentary and appreciation.

Company Transparency

When individual goals don’t align with the company vision, employees can become frustrated. They’ll feel like they’re spinning their wheels. The best solution for this is to be transparent about the overall goals for your organization. This can be achieved by increased communication at all levels.

Passion for the Work

If you want your team to show passion in the work they’re doing day to day, they need to see that in their management staff as well. If you only go through the motions, it will be no wonder when your team mirrors your behavior. Rather than having a “do as I say” attitude, lead by example.

Career Advancement

Finally, your employees want to know that not only is their work being valued but that management has faith in their ability to grow. There are many ways you can create pathways to advancement from peer-to-peer mentorship programs to cross-training. Whatever you choose to do, find out where your employees see themselves in your company in the future and tap into that desire.

What gifts can you give your team for a great 2019? Contact a top staffing agency in Michigan, Harvard Resource Solutions, to learn more today.