Are you in the market for a data entry job? The position is always in high demand as companies will forever have a need for information to be relocated from documents to databases and vice versa with the help of a talented data entry professional. But how can you find your next data entry job in Southeast Michigan? From automotive to medical and anything else you can imagine, industry is popping throughout the Detroit metro area and beyond, and your data entry skills are valuable. Here are 3 tips to help you find your next exciting opportunity in data entry.

Leverage Social Media

You may not have thought about social media in terms of finding a job, but it’s a great resource. First, let your personal network know that you’re looking for a job. You never know who will have a connection that can help you.

Next, follow companies online where you might want to work. They are likely to post their newest jobs on their own social media before they make it to job boards.

You also want to make sure your own social media is optimized. Look at your twitter and Instagram and clean them up so they appear professional if an employer were to search for you. And don’t forget to update your LinkedIn to include a good headline and allow recruiters to find your profile.

Network in Person

Now that you’ve gotten your social media networking in place, it’s time to get out and network within the community. Data entry is a function that affects nearly every kind of company, so attend meetup and industry events that could get you in front of the right people.

And don’t forget social events. Talk to people know you about your job search. They may be able to find out new things and introduce you to other people looking for new opportunities.

Apply With a Staffing Expert

Make sure you’re also applying with a staffing agency who specializes in data entry placements. They work with companies who are always looking for top talent with good accuracy and a love of the industry. This is a great way to meet new clients and find your next exciting opportunity.

Are you looking for your next data entry position? Contact the team at Harvard Resource Solutions, now hiring for data entry jobs in Southeast MI.