Are you looking to hire qualified human resources professionals for your business? Where do you even start and what do you look for in a new employee? Before you begin to review resumes, consider the most important traits a human resources candidate should bring to the table.

Here are the top five traits to look for in HR professionals.

Human Resources Knowledge

Of course, the most important skill you need when it comes to an HR professional is extensive knowledge of human resources. You want to focus on hiring professionals who have had training and experience in the field. That doesn’t mean someone with less experience isn’t a good fit, but this knowledge will be the jumping off point for their success.

Good Communications Skills

Since human resources is in the people business, it’s imperative your HR candidates have strong communications skills. They need to be able to effectively communicate to all levels including employees, management, and C-level executives. They may also need to be representative of the company to outside investors or customers.

Time Management

HR is also about time management. There will always be more problems than can be solved in the moment, so prioritizing issues is critical to ensure every concern is addressed. Time management is about so much more than just addressing problems, it also allows your HR professional to tackle training and other human resources functions in a timely manner.

Trustworthiness and Discretion

A lot of the work done by HR concerns a lot of private and sensitive information. Employees need to feel comfortable approaching their HR administrator when they have concerns and to know that these situations will be kept private and confidential. HR also works with a lot of data that could be very damaging if it were accessed by outside sources, such as social security numbers and tax information.

Willingness to Train

The role of HR also has a lot of responsibility for the training of others in the office. HR sometimes does company-wide training on employee policies, but they sometimes have to discuss these issues one on one. A good HR professional will be willing and interested in passing on the information in an easily digestible way.

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