Workplace diversity and inclusion is always a major talking point for human resources professionals. Many companies are having a conversation about what diversity and inclusion mean to them. But besides expanding hiring initiatives to attract more diverse talent, what else do businesses need to know about making their companies more inclusive? Here are a few trends on the horizon that can help you thrive in the future.

Check Unconscious Bias

The very definition of unconscious bias is that you don’t realize you’re doing it. In most manifestations, hiring managers will fall into this trap when they make hiring decisions based on how closely the candidate resembles themselves. It’s natural for us to gravitate towards people who share things in common with us, but hiring based on these criteria could mean you’re shutting out other qualified candidates without even realizing it.

Generational Differences

Another important consideration in the workplace, specifically in hiring, is the impact of having multiple generations within your organization. Many baby boomers have not yet reached retirement age. And a fourth generation, currently called Generation Z, is also entering the workforce. The small but mighty Generation X and the much larger millennial generation round out the ages of people currently in the job market. It’s important to hire to be inclusive of age ranges and how each of these generations work and think.

Disability Considerations

It’s required that companies provide reasonable accommodations for employees who may need additional assistance in the workplace. But that didn’t mean companies adopted inclusive hiring practices to ensure individuals who are not neurotypical or those with physical disabilities felt valued or included in the hiring process.

More Diverse Gender Hiring Decisions

Companies have been focusing on gender inclusivity in hiring practices by making sure women are holding more decision-making positions. However, companies need to be careful to include diverse cultures in these roles, as well. Women from all races and ethnic backgrounds need to be considered for advanced positions within the organization.

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