Sometimes we think that, because it’s work, we can’t be happy at our job. There must always be a sense of dissatisfaction in the workplace simply because of the nature of having a job. But this is absolutely not the case. You should feel happy at work, and there are a number of factors that can put you in that position. If you’re feeling unhappy in your job, here are just a few things you can do to make a change.

Determine What You Like

Most people don’t love every second of what they do, but there is a reason you got on to your career path. Remember the things you do like about your job. It could be anything, big or small. Tapping back into the enjoyment you have will help you maximize your happiness at work and get through the things that don’t make you happier.

Talk to Your Manager

Once you know what it is that will make you happiest at work, have a conversation with your manager. It’s OK to talk to them about feelings of dissatisfaction. They would rather make changes with a good employee than lose someone to burnout. Don’t look at your manager as an adversary. Consider them an ally, instead.

Add Enjoyable Activities

What if there were ways to make your job more exciting? You know what it is you like about your job, so start to think about other things that are more like that. Accept projects and assignments that fit better with the activities you would rather do at work.

Celebrate Everything

Sometimes happiness is all about attitude. It’s not that you can’t have a bad day, but if you remain positive in general, you will be happier overall. One great way to do this is to celebrate everything. Celebrate every small accomplishment. Celebrate days and events. There are fun holidays pretty much every day celebrating things like tacos and pets, so embrace that and have fun with your day.

Look for a New Job

If you’ve tried everything to make your current job a more delightful environment, but nothing is working, it might be time to make a major change. Looking for a new job that’s a better fit for your personality can go a long way to helping you be happier in your career.

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