You know the drill: Look at jobs online, complete the application, submit a resume, and wait for a phone call to initiate the next steps. But what if we told you that you’re looking for jobs the wrong way? If there was a better way that produced more results, you’d want to know, right? Let’s look at some modern job-hunting techniques that can help you find your next open position.

Have a Positive Attitude

Every good job search starts with a positive attitude. If you feel down and negative about the entire process, your results will reflect that. Go into it with an open mind and be willing to face challenges head on. Positivity also reflects in your interactions with potential employers. They want to see someone who is excited about the process and interested in their open position, so demonstrate that.


Don’t forget to network. We often get so caught up in the process of applying for jobs online and sending resumes that we forget to talk with the people around us to network for new opportunities. If you’re unemployed, talk to everyone. If you’re currently employed, be strategic about it. Go to networking events and talk with potential employers to initiate a conversation. And you can take this skill well into the 21st century by focusing your networking online with resources like LinkedIn.

Write a Great Cover Letter

So many job seekers today skip the cover letter portion of the process. Sometimes they even send resumes attached to blank emails. But your cover letter is the first place you can make a great impression. Start out with addressing it to the correct person. Then talk about why you’re interested in the specific job. And round it out by describing why you would be a perfect fit for the opportunity.

Target Top Employers

Rather than waiting for jobs to be posted online, try this exercise. Consider all the top employers in your area. Look at the kinds of positions they hire for and determine if there may be a fit for your skills and experience. Then, create a customized cover letter and targeted resume for them. Follow them on social media, especially LinkedIn, and when you have an opportunity, send them your information and let them know they’re the employer you most want to work with in the community.

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