It’s easy to see that higher salaries will attract top performers to your business. You can learn about the competitive salary range in your area by checking against resources like But there may be a limit to what you can offer, and that’s where additional perks can come in to play. What else can you provide your team to retain top talent and hire the best people. Let’s take a closer look.

Additional PTO

Many workers in the U.S. have a problem with taking their allotted vacation time. We often feel that we’re tied to our desks or too valuable to miss any amount of work. That culture is starting to shift, but the best way to reinforce that time off is important to productivity is to give your employees more of it.

Additional PTO will help your team stay fresh and motivated when they are at the office. And companies with more personal time off do not see a negative effect or people taking advantage of the system.

Work From Home

Another popular trend is the ability to work from home. With all of the latest technology that can facilitate things like constant communication, video chats, and organization, working from home is just as easy as working from the office. It can also help your company with overhead costs.

It can help people appreciate the lack of commute, feel more focused on the job, and encouraged to participate.

Flexible Schedule

If you can’t offer work from home options, another way to help people with the demands of family life and long commutes is to provide the possibility of a flexible schedule. You can offer the ability to come in earlier or later in the day and leave at a different time depending on their schedules and work requirements.

This may also help you with office coverage if that’s necessary for your business.

Better Office

Lastly, focus on your work environment to make it a place your employees want to be every day. Many offices are sterile and frustrating. They feature cubicles and dingy break rooms. Take some time to revamp your space with comfort and enjoyment in mind.

Offer additional perks in the office, too. A place to relax and meditate during breaks, for example. Health food in the breakroom. Ways to be physical and get energized throughout the day.

What perks can you offer new employees? Talk to the team at Harvard Resource Solutions to learn more today and for help finding the best new employees Michigan has to offer.