Are you considering the next stage of your career? If you’ve been working in customer service, becoming a call center manager can be a perfect step in the right direction. But what skills do you need to bring to the table to be a in-demand for employers? While you’re working on updating your resume and writing cover letters, consider these important skills for call center managers.

Excellent Communication Skills

You probably know that communication skills are important for any customer service job, but management needs to adjust to their audience. Rather than focusing on speaking to the end user, you need to effectively motivate and instruct your team of call center employees. In most cases, that means learning how individuals work and playing to their strengths.

Experience With Technology

Managers are also the people your employees will come to first if they have any problems with their tech. That means the computers they use, the VOIP, and even down to their headsets. If you never worked with these specific things before, you may want to take a crash course. Be proactive by learning as much as you can on your own so you an at least provide a basic overview and fix a few common issues before calling in IT.

Customer Service Background

Of course, you also need to have a background in the very work your team is doing in order to effectively manage how they do it. While you don’t have to have experience in a call center, it can be very helpful, as you’ll know the typical things your team will have to navigate in the course of an average day.

Leadership Skills

Of course, a leader also needs to possess leadership skills. In many cases, these are inherent soft skills that can’t be taught. But there are things you can learn and ways you can improve your leadership abilities. Skills include patience, empathy, listening, team building, training, and providing feedback.

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