Companies often say they want leaders in their new positions. This is true whether the role is management or otherwise, since leadership skills are an indicator of success. So how can you showcase your managerial skills when you’re looking for a leadership role? And what are the top managerial skills employers are looking for? Before you submit your resume, here are a few things to consider.

Time Management

If you’re on the hunt for a management position, consider how planning and scheduling is an important part of the process. Showcasing your time management skills may help you get the leg up on your competition. On your resume, and in your interview, show how you used time management to successfully impact a project in your past jobs.

Interpersonal Skills

Managers also have to work with many people across all demographics and all professional levels. It’s important that you can demonstrate how you work well with others and communicate in person, over the phone, or in writing. That you can be delightful, helpful, and kind when talk with the people you’ll interact with the most.


There is no industry today that isn’t impacted by technology. Managers are expected to have some comfort level with the kinds of technology the organization uses. It’s okay to put a list of tech skills that you bring to the table, but you also need to show how you’ve used these to help you be a better leader in past situations.

Problem Solving

Leaders are also, at the core of what they do, problem solvers. There are countless potential problems that need to be solved through the course of any given day, and it’s essential that you are able to solve them. When talking with a potential employer, share stories of how you’ve solved big problems in your other positions.


Finally, it’s important that you display positivity in your interviews for leadership roles. There will always be fires to put out, but having a negative attitude will quickly lead to burn out. Companies are not interested in working with people who speak poorly about past employees or bosses. It’s essential that you are able to focus on the positive throughout the interview process.

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