It’s November and that means we’re focused once again on thankfulness. It’s normal, since Thanksgiving falls as the end of the month, to only recognize how gratitude plays into your life this one month a year. But what if you could use gratitude to become a better worker, more productive, and happier all year long? Here are a handful of ways you can be more grateful and change the way you think.

Make Time for It

Ultimately, gratitude takes no time at all. It is only seconds out of your day to say thank you to someone who impacts you. However, we also need to be deliberate about the experience. Make time each day to ensure that you thank those who affect your day in a positive way. Consider your response anytime you interact with someone at your workplace or out in the community.

Build Relationships

Sometimes gratitude is about building relationships with the people around you. You appreciate the baristas at the coffee shop who keep you caffeinated, but who are they. Say thank you to them. Engage them in conversation, as long a they’re not slammed with customers. The same is true in your office or with your customers. Get to know the people around you.

Write Notes

The art of the thank you note has almost been lost in our society, but you don’t have to let this tradition die. Take time each week to compose a thank you note to someone who has affected your productivity, mood, or business. Yes, you can shoot off an email, but if you want to make it really special, take the time to handwrite a note on stationery and mail it to their home or office.

Put it Into Practice

Where gratitude can have the most impact in your productivity is when you built it into your daily practices. Once it becomes a habit, you’ll find that the action makes you feel more positive over all. Gratitude is also contagious. Once you put it into practice, you’ll start to notice the people around you also express their thanks.

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