You’re preparing for your next data entry job interview. You know you need to ask some questions of the interviewer to let them know you’re interested and severe. There are a lot of things you can ask, like how they measure success in their department and what the company culture is like. But there are a few questions you should avoid. Here are some of the questions you should never ask in a data entry interview.

How Much Does This Job Pay?

An employer wants to know that you are a good match for their job, are interested in working for their organization, and will be a committed and dedicated employee. If you start your interview off by asking how much money the job pays, it comes across as precisely the wrong motivation. There will be plenty of time to negotiate a salary, and the employer can share this with you at any point. But asking makes you seem overly aggressive about it.

What Benefits Do You Offer?

Similarly, don’t automatically ask about the benefits. The first interview should be about information gathering. You can glean some of this info by asking about the company culture or how they structure their hiring process, but allow them to make the first move in offering information about benefits packages along with salary.

How Soon Can I Be Promoted?

They also want to know you’re committed to the job they’re hiring for, not just a stepping stone to another position. Asking about promotions in the first series of the interview is bad form. You may be able to ask this in a better such as, “How does one advance in your organization? Do you promote from within?”

What Does Your Company Do?

Finally, the straw that might break the camel’s back in the interview process is not preparing ahead of time. Never ask an interviewer what their company does. At the very least, you should always look up a company website before your interview so you can get a basic understanding of what the company does. You can ask clarifying questions to help you learn more in the meeting.

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