To get the best performance out of your team, should you be their friend or their boss? Is it possible to maintain a friendly and personable relationship and still have the authority you need to encourage the efficiency and productivity you need from your team? Here are some things you need to know about your role as a call center manager.

The False Dichotomy

In business, we often think there is an either/or choice when it comes to management or friendships. That managers can’t possibly be friends with their employees, or they will be unable to manage the team properly. However, this is a fall choice. It is quite possible to be friendly, or even friends, with your staff and still be an effective manager. It’s all about balance and establishing clear expectations.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

One of the reasons many employees don’t believe their managers are friendly is because they only hear from their supervisors when they have a problem. If all you hear is negative feedback, you’re going to start resenting the messenger even when you know it isn’t personal. Instead, consider how you can be a positive influence in the office by presenting a pleasant attitude.

Use Clear Communication

It’s also essential that you work on your communication skills. Half of the miscommunications in a call center environment is because directions were stated enough or expectations weren’t understood. When you’re talking with your team, be clear, and avoid passive-aggressive requests or behaviors. Ask the question you want answered and state your position effectively.

Understand When to Use Authority

While being a friend and being a boss aren’t mutually exclusive, you will have to create that balance of when to act as a friend and when to enforce your authority. Most important, be consistent. If you handle one or two employees as a friend would but boss around the rest of the team, it will be apparent that you have favorites, and it will affect the performance and productivity of your staff.

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