Have you had a problem with people slacking off on the job? Some people have a natural penchant for slacking. What can you do to change their behavior? It helps to understand why they slack off on the job, to begin with. If you want to know why your slackers continue to slack, here are a few of the top reasons.

They Believe in Just Enough

Slackers have always gotten away with giving just enough effort to get by. They were the kids in high school who could have achieved better grades but put in only the effort it took to pass with Cs or Bs. They’ve never had a reason to try to work harder to achieve anything more in their lives because they’ve always been able to get by with what average performance has gotten them in the end. Most importantly, they do just enough to keep their job.

They Know Socially Acceptable Excuses

Your slackers are also the ones who can give the kinds of excuses that sound plausible. It may be a socially acceptable excuse for why they’re missing a lot of work. It may be a very carefully thought out reason why something didn’t work the way you were expecting it to work. It will be plausible enough that you accept their reasoning and don’t consider the other options to make something work instead.

They Don’t Focus on Results

The high impact worker is someone who will be laser-focused on the outcome of a project. They work hard to achieve the results that will put them in the best light possible. A slacker, on the other hand, is far more interested in the activities that give their employers the impression of the business. They take on activities and even projects where they can take their time and, once again, produce just enough.

They Don’t Learn from Failure

Similarly, most high achievers will take on failure as the lesson it’s meant to be. They will learn from it and improve their overall processes to achieve their next goal. But your slackers tend to shrug off failure and move on. They don’t take anything away from experience; they continue down the path of least resistance

They Don’t Take Personal Accountability

Most importantly, a slacker never takes personality responsibility for their actions. They will consistently blame others for their failings and never improve their position. It may never occur to them that they may be able to make changes that will improve their situation or their work situation. They never see that they are the only common denominator in the reasons things don’t work out for them.

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