For any job, including human resources, you need to nail an interview to land the position. The stakes may be even higher in HR jobs because part of your role can potentially be interviewing yourself. You must understand what to ask and, more importantly, what not to ask in an interview either as a candidate or an employer. How can you demonstrate you know how interviewing is best handled? By giving the hiring manager no reason to pass on you for the job. Here are three things you should never say in a human resources interview.

I Don’t Have Any Questions

You may think you’ve prepared, and so you don’t feel like you need to ask anything, but not asking any questions is as bad as asking the wrong questions. Instead, consider some questions that will help you drill down to better understand the company culture or more details about the job.

For example, a great question to ask the interview is, “What do you love most about your job?” This will give then a chance to talk about themselves and give you some insight on the company and the overall company culture.

What Does Your Company Do?

On the absolute other end of the spectrum, some candidates simply don’t prepare enough. When you ask a fundamental question which you can learn with research before the interview, you’re communicating that you just aren’t that interested in the job or the company.

Instead, do your research ahead of time. Read the company website. Then, if you have questions about anything specific, you can ask those in the interview. This will come across that you’re looking to clarify information rather than unprepared.

Can You Tell Me About Salary and Benefits?

Especially if you’re in HR, you need to understand how the general hiring process works, and at what stage of the game these conversations happen. When you bring up money in an interview, it sends an obvious message that you’re only there for one reason.

Instead, you can talk to them about how employees are rewarded and what kinds of benefits packages they offer from the insider HR perspective. This will show that you understand how these situations work without trying to get this information ahead of the game.

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