Have you thought about a career in marketing? Whether you’ve graduated with a degree in communications or marketing or you’re looking to make a career transition, marketing is a great field to be in right now. With the advent of digital marketing, companies want to work with experts in online communication and other types of marketing strategies to give their brand a boost. Here are some of the most common marketing positions so you can think about what might suit you and your specific experience.

Social Media Marketing

Online platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more are no longer things companies can ignore. And they should be handled by someone with experience and expertise in the industry. Social media marketing may be one of the fastest-growing careers in marketing.

Brand Management

Company branding is the personality of the organization. It’s created through messaging, mission, and design. A brand manager is someone who takes those pieces and fits them together to ensure that communication is consistent across all platforms.

Email Marketing

Have you ever signed up for an email list and started receiving regular emails from a brand? This is the path of the email marketer. Because not everyone accesses social media, email is simply another way to reach more potential customers who opt into the messaging.

Copywriting and Content Marketing

If you like writing, copywriting and content marketing could be an excellent fit for you. This sort of branded storytelling goes a long way toward building brand loyalty. Copywriting is used for advertising or websites, or some content marketers create blogs that tell long-form stories.

Event Marketing

For those who crave interaction, event marketing is a great option. This could be anything from attending or planning large-scale events that promote your organization’s product to creating experiences that get the public involved and excited.

Public Relations

PR Reps generally work with and on all of the individual marketing programs we’ve listed here. But public relations encompasses all of it and more. In this communication-based role, there will be duties such as creating press releases and a lot of face-to-face representation of your company.

Marketing Analysis

If you’re more into numbers and statistics, there is still a marketing role that’s right for you. This role is all about the company data and how each of the individual aspects of marketing come together to create a professional and compelling whole.

There are many more possible marketing careers, but these highlights should get you started.

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