Do you have a background in customer service and are uncertain how you can land your next job? There are customer service aspects in all kinds of jobs. Customer service experience is an essential and transferable that enhances your professional profile. All you need to do is learn how to leverage your background, whether it’s retail, restaurant, or other customer service experience. Here are the ways you can showcase your customer background.

Make Your Goals Clear

If you want to transition from one type of customer service position to another position altogether, you must make your goals clear. For example, if you have restaurant service experience but you want to find a job in a call center, retool your resume to focus on the customer service aspect of your previous employment and not the food industry aspects.

Pay Attention to Keywords

It’s also vital you understand how keywords work in your resume and for hiring managers. Most companies today use applicant tracking software that will search for specific keywords concerning the type of job for which they’re hiring. One trick is to review the words used in the job description and apply them to your experience.

Showcase Your Accomplishments

Every customer service job opening is a problem that needs to be solved. Your job is to be the solution. Use your resume to describe your accomplishments and use as much detail as possible. You may be hesitant to do this at first, but it isn’t about bragging. You want a potential employer to see and understand how you can benefit their organization.

Include Data

To do this, pull as much data as you can from your previous experience. For example, if you worked retail, can you share your sales numbers. How much did you sell in a given period? How many customers did you help? Were you able to increase sales based on promotions or special events? These are great ways to showcase your transitional skills.

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