You’ve been told that partnering with a staffing agency can benefit your business, but with many to chose from in the Detroit area, how do you decide? Working with a staffing service should be as easy as working with an extension of your own business. At Harvard Resource Solutions, our goal is to help you reach yours. We believe that together, we can achieve the perfect fit so you can hire right the first time. Here are just five things we can do for you today.

Job Description Development

Are you struggling with the job descriptions to help you find the best candidate? Sometimes, the way you write about a position is as important as creating a list of skills and requirements. Our team can help you put together a job description to attract top talent to your open positions.

Last-Minute Staffing Needs

Do you have a project in need of extra hands? Is someone out sick who needs to perform a critical function? Whatever your needs, we can help you with the process. Pick up the phone and call us to get the help you need as quickly as possible.

Hard-to-Fill Positions

Some of your positions are very specialized. We understand that, and we’re here to help. If you’re struggling with a difficult-to-fill position, our recruiters can jump in and dedicate their time to finding the right candidate, so you can return to the aspects of your job that are most important in the moment.

Resolving Excessive Turnover

Have you struggled with new hires leaving their position within the first 90 days? Or are there specific positions you’re having trouble keeping filled? Our team can help with the onboarding process to provide the right initial orientation for your new staff to help them stay engaged and learn the ropes.

Quickly Finding High-Quality Candidates

Half of a job search is all about networking. It’s who you know, not necessarily what you know. Your staffing partner will have access to an extensive network of local professionals so they can tap into that and find you high-quality candidates when you need them.

Our team of recruiters is here to help. Contact Harvard Resource Solutions today and let us find you the best new employees in Michigan.