When hiring for customer service roles, you look for the right combination of skills and personality. You make the offer, provide proper training, and your employees are off to the races. But is there more involved that just that? How do you keep your employees happy on the job candidates really want when they’re looking for a new position? You might think the top answer is money, but there are greater contributors to general career satisfaction at play. It’s helpful to look at all your options as an employer. Here are some things your customer service candidates really want.

Overall Compensation

While money isn’t always the only thing candidates really want, it is a fraction of the whole. Without a good salary strategy and additional benefits, you’ll quickly lose candidates to competitors who offer more. You want to take a look at your compensation strategy to ensure that it is a valuable and healthy part of the entire package.

A Good Location

While you may not think of this as something that affects your employees, the location of your business is critical. Where are you in your city? How accessible is your location from major roadways or public transportation? What is the traffic like in the area? Sometimes areas, where commercial rent is low, are far away from where affordable housing is located, so employees will have to have a long commute and may find other employment options are better.

Flexible Hours

Long gone are the days where employees clock in at 8 in the morning, take a break at lunch time, and clock out at 5 in the afternoon. Today’s workplace needs to be more flexible or the employees of this generation and the future will be uninterested and ready to take their skills elsewhere. This can also benefit the customer service industry by having more coverage times available.

Meaningful Work

Lastly, everyone wants to know the work they do makes a difference. Customer service can be a tricky thing, because sometimes it’s about helping a customer and other times it can feel less impactful. But if there are programs in place, such as a company chosen charity or volunteering opportunities, employees can feel good about the company they work for and the work they’re doing.

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