Technology is designed to make us more efficient. But if only that were the case with everything on the internet or our phones. In many cases, too many tools actually create bigger time-sucks in an otherwise productive day. So what can you do about it? If you think you need to be more productive, there are some distractions you can remove from your phone or computer to improve your attention to detail and motivation. Here are three simple things you can do today to be more productive in all Detroit jobs.

1. Delete your email from your phone.

Smartphones make it extremely easy to be connected all the time. But this is also antithetical to productivity. Having your work email accessible on your phone means you’ll check it even when you’re not in the office. But it’s not necessary. Emails can wait to be answered. Instead, delete the email app from your phone and don’t check it when you’re not at work. While at work, set aside two or three times in the day to check your email and respond to important messages, rather than responding to every incoming message as soon as they arrive.

2. Don’t access social media from your work computer.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t be checking social media from your office computer. Unless your job specifically includes some aspect of social media management, all Facebook and Twitter do in the office is provide distractions from what you should be doing. If it is important for you to catch up with the outside world, give yourself a few minutes during your lunch hour to check social media from your phone. Otherwise, this kind of engagement can wait until you’re home after work.

3. Turn off your notifications.

Whether it’s your phone or computer, turn off any notifications you may have set. Don’t let your email client ping you every time you get a new message. Turn off the pop up at the bottom of your screen that interrupts what you’re doing when something comes in. Turn off your social media notifications on your phone. Set your texts or private messages to silent so they don’t distract you when you’re working. When we jump every time something buzzes or dings, we are interrupting our natural flow and impacting our productivity in a negative way.

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