You may think it’s normal. No one likes their job, right? Those feelings of unhappiness, dissatisfaction or disconnection feel like things everyone experiences in their workplace. But that’s not true, and you don’t have to stay in a job where you always feel left out. There are plenty of places you can find your tribe and feel you belong to a team that understands your personality and works well with you. Here are a few steps you can take to find a job where you truly belong.


Look for the Right Job

This doesn’t mean to just start searching for a new job. The idea is to determine if you’re even on the right track for your personal work style and career path. Maybe your current job isn’t a fit for you since you’re unhappy.

If you can’t find a way to ensure you truly belong in your current job, it’s time to take a step back and decide what else will make you more satisfied.


Gather Information

The next step is to research. Start looking at companies in your area that seem to be a better fit with your long-term goals. It’s time to do your homework. Research social media and the company websites to determine who to target in your job search.

Once you’ve collected data, you can create resumes and cover letters that are tailored to each individual employer.


Interview Them

When you do get an interview somewhere, be sure to interview them while they’re interviewing you. You want to ask questions that can help you determine if you’ll be satisfied in the job. Ask questions about the company culture to see if it’s a place where you belong.

Far too many job seekers view an interview as a one-way interrogation, but it should be seen as a conversation.


Review the Company Culture

Once you’ve gotten a feel for the overall company, do a deep dive into the company culture. One great way to do this is to connect to others on LinkedIn who also worked for the company, both past and present.

Talk to them about their experience and how the organization worked with their own personality. Find out if they felt like they belonged. If they left, ask why.


Evaluate the Offer and Onboarding

When you do get an offer for your next job, don’t accept immediately. Ask for a reasonable amount of time to review the offer and make a solid, logical decision. Look at more than just the money, consider whether or not you felt at ease with the company overall.

After you start, you can also review during the onboarding process. It’s better to determine in the first week or so that the position is not a good fit, rather than stick around for a very long time. You may also want to apply with staffing agencies to help you find a temp-to-hire position so you can try out the job on a short-term basis before committing.

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