How important are healthy habits at work?

Think about how much time you spend there. Whether you work remotely, commute to the office each day, or your schedule is a hybrid of both, it’s a huge chunk of hours out of your day, week – and life. So it makes no sense to practice good health and wellness habits “only at home.”

Where do I begin? It all sounds good on paper, but realistically, where, when and how do you get started? As ironic as it may sound, you can begin getting healthier – at work and at home – by sleeping better. After that, focus on what you eat. The last part of the trifecta is exercise. Hold on! You can do it.

Remember: one small step at a time. Here’s a look at each of these three key wellness areas and how you can incorporate improvement in each:

Lullaby and Good Night

• Sleep deprivation negatively affects your health and quality of life, according to experts at the MD Anderson Sleep Center. It can cause moodiness, memory problems, and difficulty thinking or focusing. If sleep loss is chronic, it may lead to problems including weight gain, high blood pressure or a weakened immune system.
• Start by aiming for a regular bedtime and a consistent time to get up. Experiment with strategies such as signing off electronics an hour before bed, not watching anything too stimulating, or simply dimming the lights.
You Really Are What You Eat
Think about whether you’re getting enough -and the right – nourishment before and during the workday. Start your day with a wholesome breakfast. Then, don’t forget to carry that commitment throughout the day.
• If you find yourself too busy to eat healthy, keep some protein shakes, fruit, or healthy nutrition bars at your desk or workstation. Make it a goal to eat at least one or two during the day. You’ll have more energy and feel less drained as a result.

Get Up and Get Moving

You may think exercise will just make you more tired, but in fact, the opposite is generally true. It will help you sleep better when the time comes, but it will also improve your energy level and focus during the day. Even a short, brisk walk at lunch or periodic stretching exercises at your desk can be the start of something big.
• If you find you’re struggling with motivation, seek support by exercising with a co-worker. Take it a step further by signing up for a class or hiring a trainer. Just put one foot in front of the other and … move!

The HRS team can help you be your best self at work, which naturally integrates into your life outside the office as well, and help you maintain that critical balance between the two. Or, if that means it’s time for a change, we’ll help you find your next great career opportunity.

The recruiter you work with will have industry experience and understand your unique challenges. Reach out to us today to learn more.