As we get ready to toast at midnight on the last night of 2015, we shouldn’t forget about our business needs for the New Year. If you’re concerned about what your human resources department could face in 2016, let’s take a closer look at the challenges and benefits that will be coming your way after the first of the year.

  • Digital recruiting. The online marketplace is going to continue to expand. Digital recruiting, including the use of social media and mobile apps, will be the most effective way to source new talent for any company moving forward. More American adults have smart phones to access the internet than ever before which means this mode of communication is becoming much more widespread.
  • Affordable Care Act. The healthcare plan will continue to affect businesses and employees in the New Year. Many of the kinks are still being worked out, the requirements can be difficult to understand, and the government is still at a standstill regarding the legalities regarding certain aspects of the legislation. In the HR department, your team can help your employees navigate the marketplace as necessary.
  • The Cloud. Technology will continue to improve and change over the course of 2016. Cloud services are improving the way that large companies store data, and this is trickling down to small organizations. The Cloud is a more affordable way to maintain databases for businesses of all sizes as the cost of large storage servers onsite was prohibitive for many organizations. But cloud computing comes with some security challenges that your HR department should understand.
  • Remote workers. Lastly, work-from-home options are becoming much more popular in businesses of all types. Companies who allow remote working situations have to understand the HR implications of people working from home. What is their motivation, how do you track their hours, and what about liability regarding injury while working at a home office? The benefits often outweigh the concerns, so companies should do their research to determine what kind of work-at-home plan works best.

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