Did you know that the average job search in the U.S. is six to nine months? It’s no wonder that job seekers become jaded and disappointed throughout the search, which can lead to a poor attitude when interviewing. The reason for this extended search time is online job applications. They make it much easier to apply, but don’t always produce results. But there is something you can do every day for just five minutes a day to give you a better chance at landing a great customer service opportunity. What is it? Let’s break it down.

1. Pick 10 Companies

Stop blindly sending online applications. Start by picking 10 companies in your area that you want to work with. You can research these companies through their websites to ensure you’re choosing organizations that fit with your personal values and have possible positions for your customer service skills. Make a list.

2. Follow Them on Social Media

Next, follow them all on social media. Don’t just like their Facebook page. Follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Instagram. Connect to all of them in as many ways as possible to give you multiple possible channels of communication for the future of your job search.

3. Like and Comment

Once you’ve followed them, take just five minutes a day to like and comment on their social posts. If they post something on Facebook, make a comment or suggest it to a friend. Like their pictures. Follow their suggested pages. This won’t take long to do each day.

4. Build an Online Relationship

This allows you to establish an online relationship. Remember, there is a real person behind the tweets and Facebook posts, so don’t treat the page like a robot. Comment genuinely and hope they will acknowledge you with a comment, response, or reaction.

5. Ask about opportunities.

Finally, after you spend some time getting to know their social media, ask about opportunities. This sounds scary, but social media is the perfect place for this. For example, you may comment on a post, “I am interested in learning about possible opportunities at your company. Who could I talk to about applying?” Because you’ve already established a social relationship with them online, you are likely to get a personalized response from their social media representative.

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