Do you offer good work to your employees? Maybe the jobs you have are honest, hard work that will give workers a sense of purpose. You also expect your employees to perform good work based on the standards and expectations you’ve set for them. But what encompasses good work in the first place?  Your company may need to provide more than just “good work” to attract and keep top talent. What can you do to change the culture of your workplace to encourage better performance from your team and more incentive than just good work?

Fair Pay

The other most crucial component of good work is fair to pay. If you’re unable to pay a competitive wage for the same or similar work in your geographic area, employees will not be able to see your company as a provider of good work. To determine if you’re on track, research the typical wages for your industry in your area, starting with websites like

Work-Life Balance

We no longer live in a world where employees are comfortable working eight to nine hours straight for 30 years and going home at night to a home-cooked meal waiting on the table. Times have changed, and now, especially with both partners working full time, something has to give. Employees need flexibility for a better work-life balance, and employers can make significant improvements.

A Safe Workplace

This isn’t just about the physical safety of employees conducting work; it’s about a sense of wellbeing and the feeling of safety and security on the job. It’s no secret that many workplaces have experienced significant issues from bullying, harassment, and even abuse. Organizations must crack down on this to ensure that every single worker feels safe when coming into the workplace.

Career and Personal Development

Very few people are happy doing the same job day and in and day out without any possible opportunity for growth. Your company needs to provide avenues for individuals to increase their skills, advance their careers, and feel a sense of ownership. This will help create a more loyal group of employees dedicated to upholding your company’s mission and values.

Diversity Initiatives

When allowing unconscious bias to influence the hiring decisions you’re making; you create a company culture that doesn’t value diversity. Diversity isn’t just about the individual backgrounds of the people you hire, but about the way they think and the specific mindsets and skills, they bring to the table. By creating a more diverse hiring program, you can increase your company’s ability to innovate and succeed.

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