Michigan has struggled for so long that it may be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Michigan’s recession began long before the rest of the country, and has seen little to no growth since the national recession ended. However, the news is not all grim. There is quite a bit of good news in the job market for southeast Michigan job seekers and businesses alike. Here are several ways things are improving in the region this year.

  • Lowest unemployment rate in four years. Michigan has long been the poster child for the U.S. recession with the loss of manufacturing jobs and troubles for the car industry. 2012 has seen significant growth for Michigan employees. Local economists believe that the market should stabilize by 2014.
  • Active recruiting. Many businesses in southeast Michigan and in Oakland County specifically, are looking to bring on skilled employees at a variety of levels. In some cases this has meant recruiting outside the state to find the skills and experience needed. Job seekers are encouraged to check with local programs to determine what areas are in demand and how to get trained for those jobs.
  • Strong growth industries. Positions with the strongest growth in Michigan are being seen in auto manufacturing, metalworking, engineering and computer services, and insurance. Not only are these the sectors with the strongest growth, but their wages are competitive.
  • Seasonal employment. Summer jobs are looking better for teens and college students. It is projected that the winter seasonal jobs will also see a similar growth, as companies are looking to hire individuals to help with the holidays. In some cases, seasonal jobs can transition into full-time positions.
  • Drastically improving numbers. In April of 2011, the unemployment rate in the state was 10.5%, significantly higher than the national average. Since that time, the numbers have come down to 8.3% showing much more confidence in the market than Michigan has experienced recently. This is the lowest unemployment rate Michigan has seen since July of 2008.

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