Every business owner is looking for a way to save money. Hiring can be one of the most expensive aspects of your business. How can you save money on your hiring costs? Partnering with a strategic staffing provider can allow you to save money on the initial hiring process, work with individuals on a temp to hire basis, and feel good about your decisions. Here are just a few of the ways staffing agencies can save you money.

  • Reduce overall cost of hiring. Of course when you add new staff to your company you need to determine how their salary will affect your budget. But what about all the costs leading up to the hiring decision? These include advertising, prescreening to include drug tests and background checks, and references. You may also need to figure in the salary of the person conducting the interview and/or any lost productivity they have while meeting with candidates. Now multiply that by the number of candidates you need to interview to find the perfect employee. A staffing company can handle all of this as part of their services. While it may seem like their fee is high, it incorporates a lot of costs you would have to pay otherwise.
  • Hire the right employee the first time. The cost of a bad hiring is staggering. It isn’t only about the salary that you pay them but also the price of mistakes or lost business during their time in your employment. You also have to pay again for advertising and spend time interviewing or prescreening. When you work with a staffing company they can handle all of these processes the first time. You can bring your top candidate in on a temporary basis to see how they work for you. If they don’t work out, your staffing company will work with you to find a suitable replacement.
  • Temporary workers to maintain productivity. In high production times or when a project arises unexpectedly temporary employees can be the difference between success and failure. Short term employees can fill in when an employee is out of the office or help with special projects. This can help you maintain the right momentum to continue to grow your business.
  • Fill jobs quickly. A temporary staffing service can also help you with your immediate needs. For example, if your receptionist calls in sick you can contact your trusted staffing partner to fill the job for the day so you don’t have to leave your front desk unattended or pull someone from another job to handle the phones. They may also have candidates available who possess the desired skills set which reduces hiring time for long-term positions.

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