Every company wants to function like a well-oiled machine – avoiding the various stumbling blocks that can grind the whole thing to a halt. However, by improving the overall efficiency of your office, you may be able to avoid the worst of the fallout from unexpected situations. Here are five tips for improving your office’s efficiency:

  1. Before you can function perfectly, you have to ensure that everyone in the office can effectively communicate. Nothing kills productivity more than a misunderstanding or a disagreement. Learn how to communicate positively and constructively and lead by example.
  2. Every good project needs a plan. Project managers are typically designated professionals who help teams move fluidly throughout a project. This can be done at the macro level by creating a detailed plan for your office as a whole and at the micro level for every aspect that goes into daily success.
  3. Multi-tasking is largely considered a fallacy. The human brain simply isn’t wired to do more than one thing at a time. The people who are most effective at it are actually skilled at prioritizing. Know how to handle the most important things first – rather than allowing tasks to become overwhelming.
  4. Good managers are good because they know how to delegate tasks to the individuals who are most skilled with those aspects of the job. Managers who feel like they need to do everything themselves are not effective. Learn your team’s strengths and delegate accordingly.
  5. Don’t procrastinate. Finally, the main killer of productivity in the office for everyone is procrastination. Discourage procrastination by rewarding team members who show initiative. This is also an area where management should lead by example.

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