The hiring process is a give and take. While you expect that the candidates who walk through your door are skilled in their respective fields, you also want to ensure that they have the right information about your company. Your business’s reputation can play a big part in effectively hiring the right people for your team. Here are a few ways that reputation management can improve your hiring process:

  • Google your company. You have no idea what others are saying about you unless you look. You may find information on blogs, social media, review sites, and a number of other outlets that you don’t even know exist. You can’t do anything to correct a bad reputation unless you know what is out there. However, once you do know, you can direct your own online reputation management to help spread a more positive message about your company to potential job seekers.
  • Be in control of your business brand management. The first thing to do is make sure that your website is not static and outdated. Google uses algorithms which help it rank sites based on how often they are updated and how many keywords they use. Having a blog is one step to providing the content that Google likes to see. But don’t stop there. Create all social media accounts so you have ownership of your company name on all of these platforms. This will attract the right people to your site.
  • Contribute to your community. The best way to ensure that you have a good reputation in your community is to participate. Volunteer for causes that mean something to members of your staff. Make donations to charity in lieu of holiday gifts for your clients. Candidates want to work for a company that is civic-minded and cares about the community where it conducts business.
  • Know who you are before a crisis hits. The most important thing when it comes to brand management is to know your company values before a crisis hits. If some negative media comes out about your company, you won’t have to scramble to do damage control. Stick to your values and demonstrate who your company really is. This will go a long way to showing potential employees that your organization has integrity.

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