There are a lot of characteristics of a strong manager, but many of them come down to making organization a top priority. Not only will your organizational structure filter down to your team members, but you will also remain in control of your own processes in a more concise way. In today’s age of increased mobile technology options, managers have more choices to help them stay organized and be better managers. Here are some of the ways apps can help you and your staff excel:

  • Email management.
    It has been proven that email is one of the biggest time-sucks in the office. Most people are reactionary emailers, responding every time there is a corresponding “ding!” in their inbox. However, professionals who manage their emails and only check and respond two or three times per day are more productive. There are several apps that can help you better manage your email processes.
  • Apps for focus.
    Procrastination is also a productivity killer for many professionals. If you’re a procrastinator, it is highly likely that your staff will follow suit. Instead, use apps that are designed to help you better focus your tasks and share these with your team to allow everyone to concentrate on what is most important within the office.
  • Task management.
    Prioritization is another key issue that will affect both your job and the jobs of your employees. There is a difference between urgent and important, and having a rating system that can help you better manage these tasks at the level they need completion will help everyone in the office perform better.
  • Apps for collaboration.
    In the modern office, where a high percentage of employees work in other locations or remotely, you should have a system in place to allow everyone to engage in the same project. Yes, picking up the phone is often preferred … but streamlining the system to provide access to systems can help make things more efficient.
  • Expense management.
    Finally, there are some practical aspects about your business that both you and your staff need to consider. Managing expenses is critical and everyone should submit them regularly. It is much harder to manage expenses when they’re contained in a pile of receipts stuffed in a wallet. Use an app to help with this process and encourage your staff to use it as well.

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