Did you know that your constant need to Tweet or update Instagram can also help you in your next marketing job search? It’s true! Social media is becoming increasingly more important in everyday communications, and it can work to your advantage when you’ve honed the right skills. So how exactly do you translate your Facebook skills to face-to-face job market? Here’s how!

  • Use your physical emoticons.
    In a world of nonverbal communications, we’ve come to rely on smiley faces and thumbs up to convey our body language via text and social media. When you are face-to-face networking, it is equally as important that you understand the role of body language in your communications. In fact, body language can say even more than your words. Smile, practice a firm handshake, and make the right amount of eye contact.
  • Feel the power of word of mouth.
    Social media has taken the word-of-mouth recommendation, or warning, to new levels. There are websites like Yelp that are designed entirely to allow others to learn from your experience at local restaurants and businesses. You are more likely to make a purchasing decision if a friend on Facebook endorses a product. Use word-of-mouth in your personal interactions, and don’t be afraid to give your opinions. This will demonstrate that you understand the power of great marketing.
  • Apply online talking points to conversation.
    You can also learn a lot about your contacts through their social media. Don’t take it too far and just parrot what other people have said, but you can start by breaking the ice by offering some topics based on current events that are on social media. Keep it light and still avoid the difficult topics like politics and religion.
  • Always follow up.
    Email, texting, and social media make it really easy to follow up with someone. You just hit a button, type some words, or even a favorite button and you’ve followed up. When you meet someone face-to-face, don’t forget this step. Ask for their card and send them an email within a few days of your meeting. Remind them who you are and you can extend the conversation further. Half of marketing is good response, so demonstrate this in your interactions to make the right impression.

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