You may not pay specific attention to your LinkedIn profile, but it really is one of the best free professional assets you’ll access in your career. You can make your LinkedIn profile sing to get your next, and ideal, customer service job.

So, how can you use LinkedIn to your professional advantage? Here are a few tips to get you started and keep up the momentum to land your next favorite job.

Solid Examples of Experience

LinkedIn can be much more robust than your resume, so take advantage of the space you can use. Be sure to include solid examples of your experience to demonstrate what you can do, how you do it, and why it can lead to a company’s future success. When it comes to customer service, focus on the consumer experience, your professionalism, and your ability to communicate.

Mirror Common Language

While you’re writing your profile, review some job descriptions from big companies. They will be using common language for customer service positions. You can mirror this language and frame your experience in these terms to be sure employers and recruiters are finding your profile when searching.

Highlight Transferable Skills

Customer service incorporates a lot of different experiences. You can highlight some of your other experience by framing it within the context of customer service. Your transferable skills from your entire career can come in to play when positioning yourself as a good candidate for hiring managers.

Create an Elevator Pitch

And while you can expand on a number of the sections in your profile, you also need to pull people in with your initial section. This includes your headline and summary. For your headline, you can change it from your job title to have more punch and communicate what you’re looking for in a customer service position. For example, “Customer Service Expert with 10 Years’ Experience Seeking Career Opportunities.” Then design a summary that communicates your experience in just one paragraph.

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