There was a time when private offices were the workplace trend. In the 1990s, offices gave way to cubicles which changed the very fabric of U.S. businesses. Over the last few years, a completely different trend has reemerged: Open offices. What does this mean?

Open offices had been the way of the workplace for many years and popularized by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Every employee sits at an open desk able to directly communicate with co-workers all around them. Cubes became a response to this trend to provide some shelter in the storm, but they are starting to fade again as open-office plans are returning to popularity. Is this a trend your company should embrace? Here are some thoughts to get you started.

Does it enhance creativity?

One of the biggest draws of open-office spaces is the increased ability to collaborate and innovate. It allows people a chance to communicate openly with the people around them, which is intended to boost innovation for each individual project and the company as a whole.

Does it create more distractions?

However, there is a flipside. When employees work in open offices, they are also more prone to being distracted by one another. If what you want is to encourage your employees to be heads-down workers, an open-office policy may not be suitable for your workstyle.

Can you have breakout spaces?

Some companies are avoiding the distractions by allowing breakout spaces. The spaces, like conference or break rooms, provide a private space for your employees to retreat when they want to go undisturbed. However, if your employees are more inclined to use the breakout spaces, they may not be in love with the open office.

Can it level the playing field?

However, there are ways an open office can help level the playing field for your employees. It can allow people to approach projects as a group and gives people added tools they might need to solve problems. If there are individuals who are struggling, they can learn techniques from their more productive counterparts.

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