First, let us congratulate the new graduates from Michigan colleges. Whether you went to Western in Kalamazoo, Michigan State in Lansing, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor or any of our other amazing Michigan schools, you’re ready to face your future. What jobs are you considering now that you’ve graduated? If you want to get some real-world experience to begin your career path, here are a few entry-level jobs in Southeast Michigan to consider.

Administrative Support

This category of positions covers a lot of ground. Administrative support is anyone who works as an assistant to others within an organization. For example, an executive assistant will provide administrative support for a C-level executive or the president of the company.

Administrative support includes things like making travel arrangements, handling all written communication, making appointments, tracking schedules, ordering supplies, and so much more. Administrative support specialists learn a lot about the corporate environment and can gain a lot of experience that can help them in their future careers.

Data Entry

If you would rather be more behind the scenes, data entry could be a great position for you. Data entry specialists assist companies with the collection and organization of data. This can be just about anything from mailing lists to human resources information.

An entry-level data entry job can also give you some insight for future positions in data, such as data analysis or computer science. You will learn how to use a database, which can give you more skills for your long-term career plans.

Customer Service Representative

If you like helping people, a customer service position may be a great fit. There are many companies in southeast Michigan in need of good, professional, and reliable representatives. The most common type of CSR position is within a call center.

But many jobs have a customer service component and some may be customer facing. Decide what kind of customer interaction you want most to see what jobs may be a fit for you.

Entry-Level Human Resources

If you’re major was human resources or business, you may be interested in an entry level HR position. Opportunities for clerks, recruiters, or assistants within HR can be a great way to grow your human resources careers.

HR is affected by all of these specializations. Administrative support, data entry, and customer service are all important building blocks of a successful HR team. To get in at the ground level will help you in the future.

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