How do you spend most of your time? If you’re running a business or managing a department, you’re probably pulled in a number of directions. And when you need to make a hiring decision, how many hours do you spend on just that one process? What work goes unfinished when someone is missing from your team? Does hiring in-house still make sense or could you outsource your recruiting process? Here are some things to keep in mind.


Efficiency, as opposed to productivity below, is the amount of energy expended doing a particular task. When you’re hiring, how efficient is the process? How much time do you spend on that task when you might need to focus on others? And if you do divide your time, how quickly is someone being hired?

If efficiency of hire is important to you, then outsourcing may be a great way. Dedicated recruiters are trained to find quality candidates in a short time frame and present them to you, eliminating some of the additional work it would take you to find a new employee.


When it comes to productivity, it’s not just your production you should be worried about. When you’re down a person on your team, how is the work they did getting done? Are you now assigning this work to other members of your team? What about the work they’re supposed to be doing?

When hiring affects the entire organization, it can negatively impact overall productivity. This can lead to burnout among your staff and even more turnover. That’s why it’s best to hire as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Outsourcing your hiring also gives you access to a defined set of experience in your recruiters. This is what they do, so trust their professional ability to do it. They will use their expertise to narrow down qualified candidates, prescreen applicants, and set up interviews for you.

They also have experience with onboarding and employee management, which can help you during the transition of bringing a new employee into your organization.


Lastly, your staffing partner has already established processes to help aid them in sourcing and submitting new applicants. Having hiring processes in place is very necessary, but working with a recruiter will give you access to established processes that will make your experience smoother.

Keep in mind that there are still aspects of the process you’ll need to have in your hiring plan as well. For instance, you may interview candidates for the job and your interview should be consistent between candidates so you can make an informed decision.

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