Are you pleased with work? Not just content enough and excellent with the day to day business and a weekly paycheck. Are you pleased and fulfilled by the work you’re doing every day? If you can’t say yes, you have room for improvement. There are ways to feel happier in your administrative assistant role, and it’s easy. Here are just a few things you can do to find more enjoyment in your day to day work.

Spend More Time and Energy on the Tasks You Do Love

Sure, there are some things about being an administrative assistant that isn’t glamorous or exciting, but they don’t have to be the bulk of your day to day activities. Take time to look at the tasks you love about your job and find a way to focus on those with more of your energy. For the less exciting tasks, learn how to do them more efficiently or find a way to delegate them, so you have more time to do the things you enjoy.

Create More Meaningful Relationships at Work

Humans are social. That’s just a statement of fact. Even those of us who are introverted or shy still crave connections with other people, though it might look different than connections made by extroverts. Take time to create meaningful relationships at work. Talk to people with similar interests and take a genuine interest in the lives of those around you. When you show kindness, it becomes contagious and makes the workplace a more pleasant environment.

Alter Your Entire Mindset About Work

Sometimes, all it takes to be happier is to think happier thoughts. It sounds over-simplified, but psychology is sound. When we focus on only negative thoughts, it breeds more negativity. So researchers have found that people who express more happiness are happier. Take a hard look at what you do and figure out a way to focus on the positive. Can you be kind to others? Can you express gratitude throughout the day? Can you remain positive and upbeat?

Can you embrace the things you love about your job, or is it time to find a new administrative assistant position? Harvard Resource Solutions can help, so contact us now.