Do you want to attract the top talent from right here in Michigan? Now that the New Year is in full swing, you may want to consider the benefits you offer to make your company the most attractive choice for new Michigan job seekers. It’s no longer enough to provide competitive salaries. Here are four benefits you can implement today that will help you find and hire the best possible employees in Michigan.

Wellness Programs

Today’s workers are interested in a holistic approach to their lives. That means their work has to be in harmony with their health and activities outside of the office. This is where the focus on work/life balance comes from. A wellness program shows your employees that you’re committed to them as people, not just as gears in the machine. Make sure wellness includes a focus on physical fitness, healthy eating, and mental health.

Flexible Work Schedules

Similarly, people value their time away from the office. That isn’t a failing of modern society or a lack of work ethic. It’s merely an evolution of what current workers want for their lives. You will attract more committed talent if you have policies that counter burnout rather than cause it. Flexible schedules or work from home opportunities can help with that.

Training and Development

Today’s employees are also focused on how they can grow and develop in their careers. If they begin to feel stuck or stagnant, they will look for other ways to learn new things. You can attract and retain more people if you offer the option for continued education either directly through your company or by subsidizing external programs.

Paid Volunteer Opportunities

Employees also want to feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. They want to give back, or give, to the community where they live. It’s fine to organize fundraisers or encourage volunteering, but it’s better to facilitate these actions. Giving your employees paid time off to volunteer with organizations that are in line with your mission and values will give everyone a sense of satisfaction and benefit the company, community, and individual health.

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