There are a lot of moving parts to the hiring process. Most of us think about it in terms of what a candidate can do for our companies, but there is wisdom in considering the needs of the candidate. Candidate care is becoming a major motivating factor for many job seekers, and recruiters and hiring managers are on the front lines of this movement. How can you start considering candidate care in your hiring process?

Improve Communication

One of the places many companies fall flat in the hiring process is excellent, clear communication. Candidates are often left wondering where they are in the process if they’ve understood the requirements, and what happens next.

Commit to improving communication by provided ample details about the experience, being clear about the time frame in which you want to make a decision, and following up even with the candidates you don’t choose.

Develop Trust

Communication is just one way to establish trust with the candidates. While you can’t hire all of them, at least not at the same time, by developing the confidence you create an experience that can keep them interested.

This is useful for future opportunities to keep you from having to do the sourcing again as well as increasing the positive word of mouth within the community. If you treat applicants well, they are going to speak highly of your organization.

Provide Feedback

Another way to improve the candidate experience is to provide feedback. If a candidate isn’t the right fit for the organization at this time, let them know. Talk to them about the things that would make them a more viable candidate and encourage them to apply again in the future.

This feedback, when given constructively, will close a gap that is common in the hiring process. When someone is rejected, but they don’t know why they don’t have a way to make improvements in the future.

Career Follow-Up

Another reason that keeping on contact with candidates and providing an excellent experience during the application and interview process is you never know what the future will hold. These candidates may take jobs in the community that will one day interact with your organization.

If you’ve created an ecosystem that will benefit everyone, whether they take a job with your company or not, and that will go a long way for your brand.

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