No matter what kind of job you’re looking for, mastering the interview is the most important part of the job search. When you’re in the market for a clerical opportunity, how do you prepare for your interview? Before you go into your scheduled meeting, keep in mind some of the interview mistakes that can keep you from landing a job. Being prepared will help you avoid these mistakes in the future. Let’s take a closer look.

Not Admitting Your Mistakes

Everyone has made a mistake or two in their career. Employers aren’t looking for people who’ve never done anything wrong. What they want to see is someone who has learned from their mistakes. If you are unable to admit that you’ve made mistakes in your past, the employer won’t believe you’re sincere.

Saying Something Inappropriate

We’ve all made inappropriate gaffs from time to time, but if you’ve ever wanted to ensure that something isn’t misconstrued, pay special attention to your language in an interview. Even when you don’t mean something to be inappropriate, it can be misunderstood by the person on the other side of the desk.

Expressing Desperation in Your Search

Another challenge some job seekers have is frustration at the time it’s taken to find a job. If you’ve been in the market for a while and feel that you’re spinning your wheels, don’t express that to the interviewer. Desperation isn’t an attractive feature in a job seeker. They want someone who wants to work for them specifically.

Confusing Confidence for Arrogance

Being confident is an important aspect of a job search, but it walks the line with arrogance. If you act as though you’re better than everyone else, they can tell the difference. Confidence doesn’t mean you’re not humbled. Nor does it mean you take all the credit, even when it should be shared.

Being Distracted in the Meeting

Finally, make sure you’re not allowing yourself to be distracted in the interview. It is far too common today for job seekers to take their cell phones with them and, even worse, answer them while in the interview. If there may be an emergency, let the interviewer know. You should also let anyone who may be trying to reach you know that you’re unavailable during that time and will call them back. Then silence your phone.

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