Have you considered working with a staffing partner to help you source and hire top candidates in the Detroit area? A staffing agency is trained to find the best possible job seekers in the area to match them with open positions with their clients. They are dedicated to this process so you don’t have to be. If you are wondering whether or not a staffing partner can help your business, here are just five examples or problems they can help you solve.

Job Description Development

Is it enough to create a list of duties to attract top candidates to your open positions? There is a school of thought that believes a job description should function for companies like a resume functions for candidates. They can help sell your company as a great place to work as much as they communicate the day-to-day functions.

Last-Minute Staffing Needs

Did someone leave you in a lurch? Do you have a short project that needs boots on the ground immediately? That’s exactly what recruiters do. They can help you with short-term employees or other last-minute needs. They’ll place a qualified, prescreened temporary workers at your company.

Hard-to-Fill Positions

Maybe you have a position that is so specialized very few local candidates will have the experience you need. That is also in the skill set of a recruiter at a staffing agency. They can help source local candidates looking for jobs, as well as more passive candidates.

Resolving Excessive Turnover

Are you having a challenge with turnover in your business? If people are leaving at a high rate, there may be things you can do to improve your environment to help keep employees engaged. This can start with a strong hiring process to bring on the best candidates for your corporate culture.

Quickly Finding High-Quality Candidates

Another advantage a staffing partner can provide is the quick turnaround in placements. When you have a need right away, you may not be able to wait weeks or even months for the right person to come around. They will screen and submit only qualified candidates who are available right away.

Can a Staffing Partner Help With Your Personnel Needs?

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