Have you been thinking about a temp-to-hire position? Maybe you’re not entirely certain what temp-to-hire is or how it can benefit your career. Before you make a decision, it’s helpful to consider the pros and cons of working a temporary-to-hire position. Staffing agencies in your area will often working with local companies to place professionals on the job in a temporary role with the intention of evaluating their performance for a position in the company. Here are some of the things you need to know about working temp-to-hire.

Being Hired Is the Ultimate Outcome

The end goal of this arrangement for everyone is to be hired by the client company. It’s in the best interest of the client company and the recruiter to make this happen. The recruiter will work hard to find the right employee to place on this assignment to demonstrate their skills as a staffing partner. When you’re offered a temp-to-hire position, the recruiter believes you will be a great fit for the opportunity and that a full-time job is likely at the end of the assignment.

Try Out the Job Before You Accept It

The company isn’t the only party that gets to try out the working relationship during the temporary portion of the assignment. As the employee, you also get to try the company on for size to see if it is a good professional fit for you. If it isn’t working for you, talk to your recruiter to see if it’s a problem that can be solved. If it can be, great. If not, you can end your assignment and your recruiter can help you find a better fit.

A Recruiter Is an Ally

The most successful people reach their goals by building a good team to help them. Your recruiter is part of your job search team. A recruiter is trained to match qualified candidates to open jobs, so you want them to be on your side. They will work with you to find the right matches for you at any stage of your career. In the future, you may even be a hiring decision maker, and the recruiter can help you find candidates.

Get to Work Quickly

Companies will often talk with their staffing providers before making jobs public through job boards or social media. When you work with an agency, you’ll have access to new jobs before any of your competition. Your recruiter wants you to work quickly, as well. When you’re not working, the agency isn’t billing for your talents. You both make money when you accept a job quickly.

Could a Temp-to-Hire Job Be Right For You?

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