Attracting and retaining employees is an essential part of surviving a candidate-driven market. As millennials take the place as the largest-generation cohort in the workplace, companies are looking at the ways to keep these employees happy and engaged on the job so they don’t seek the grass that may be greener on the other side. How can you prevent your top talent from becoming job hoppers? Here are a few ideas that will keep your team loyal to your business.

Keep Top Talent Learning

When asked, millennials often cite continued education as a leading interest in their future development. They want to grow, learn new things and advance. Companies can take advantage of this by allowing their top talent to pursue training, education and one-on-one mentorships in the workplace.

Flexible Training Tools

The actual method to accomplish this should be customized for each employee. A flexible training option is just as important as having training available. Some of your employees will want to learn things on their own time at their own pace. Others may thrive in a classroom setting. And some will want to learn as they go, benefitting from partnership with another employee and their experience and skills.

Up-to-Date Technology

Many companies take the approach that if something isn’t broken it’s not worth fixing. But this can backfire when it comes to your corporate technology solutions. Even if its just the way things have always been done doesn’t mean it’s the best way to continue. Younger employees want to be able to utilize technology that will make them more efficient and enhance their productivity.

Better Work-Life Balance

Our culture really has millennials to thank when it comes to the new expectations of a better work-life balance. Younger employees weren’t willing to work at all hours without being able to enjoy their time off. So, it’s essential that you maintain a good work-life balance for your newest employees and top talent. They will find other opportunities if they feel they are required to give up everything their salary allows them to enjoy, such as hobbies, travel and time with family.

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