You’ve heard of work-life balance. But maybe there should be more of a focus on work-life integration. There are lessons you learn from both your private life and your workplace life that can enhance every other part of what you do day to day. There is a lot about your career that can help you make important life decisions. Here are some of the biggest life lessons we learn on the job.

There Is No One Right Decision

There are always challenges to the idea that decisions are either right or wrong. That’s a simplified version of most people’s thought process and truth is, there are often many possible decisions often falling on a scale between right and wrong.

When you’re making a decision in the workplace, you weigh all the options to determine what will have the best possible outcome for your business. You can do the same in your day-to-day life.

Good Communication Is Everything

Effective communication is essential in the workplace. You need to make sure everyone knows their role, your expectations, and the goal. If you don’t communicate that information, you’ll find the process quickly breaks down.

The same is true in your personal life. Shutting down and not asking for help are two major problems for a lot of people in their lives. But effective communication can make all the difference.

No One Has It Figured Out

We all imagine that one day we magically become adults and are able to make complicated decisions and figure everything out. The truth is, we’re all just figuring things out on the fly. No one has it all figured out, even the people who look like they have everything together.

Work or personal, your life is a series of complex problems and solutions that sometimes conflict with one another. It’s okay to admit you don’t have it all figured out.

Take Only the Advice You Need

We’ve all experienced it in the workplace. Everyone around you has a different idea of the way something should be done. And people aren’t always shy about giving their opinions. But, at work, you know how to filter the noise and take only the best suggestions to get a task done.

The same is true outside of work. People are always looking to give you advice, but you don’t have to take it. You can filter it the same way and only accept the advice that serves you in that time.

You Can Make Choices About What You Like and Dislike

Finally, you don’t have to like something just because everyone says it’s good. Good and bad are subjective, and we all have different ideas and tastes. When you’re working, this becomes apparent and you are able to handle tasks you don’t like without feeling bullied into liking them.

But away from work, we often want to please everyone. You don’t have to. It’s okay to like or not like something. It’s not okay to bully others for their own choices.

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