The world has changed so much just in the last decade. Today, social media is a ubiquitous form of communication and your online identity is an extremely important part of your overall brand as a potential employee. So, what happens when you apply for a new job? Are potential employers Googling your name to learn more about you before they bring you in for an interview? The answer is yes!

Before you declare your privacy is being invaded, consider these four reasons employers are Googling you to learn more.

Are You Really an Expert?

If you tell a potential employer that you’re an expert on a subject, you might want to make sure you have information to back you up. In fact, if you really want to position yourself as a thought leader, a blog can get that message across. A recruiter may google you to see if your experience really does line up with what you say you can do, so make sure it does!

How Have You Talked About Former Employers?

Employers are sensitive to negative behavior. A disgruntled employee can affect the entire staff, even of previously satisfied workers. If they google you and find red flags where you’ve posted negative information about former employers, co-workers or managers, you may not be considered for the position.

Do You Fit with Their Corporate Culture?

Of course, they aren’t just looking for negative information to find out why not to hire you. They are also looking for reasons to say yes. Specifically, they want to know if you’re really a fit with their corporate culture. Are you more casual and laid back? Are you more conservative and prefer to follow rules. Some insight into your personality can be discovered on your public social media profiles.

Is Your Social Presence Inappropriate?

Lastly, they also want to make sure that you are an appropriate representative of their company. Illegal or immoral activities that are made public via social media can impact your career or the possibility of getting hired in a negative way. Review your social media profiles, make sure your public profile pictures aren’t inappropriate, and make sure you have your security settings high enough to prevent unnecessary access to personal information.

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